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  1. Well that was a nice trip to Boring Vid town. Don’t know how Zac does it, each video preview was more boring than the last, it’s like the same vid from a different angle. Okay he has a nice ass, but it gets real tired real quick and all the pulling his pants down in public is very immature more like Zac is 14 instead of 24. The shadow vid was especially boring, congrats Zac! Also unless Zac was hit in the mouth with a shovel recently it looks like he has had some work done on those lips, which begs the question what else has he had altered to make it bigger????? Did like the fake frontal vid with the foggy mirror, can we say body double? stolen from someone else vid? Well whoever the foggy guy is, he looks so much hotter than Zac. Well unless Zac’s penis magically shrinks when he is with women, as seen in the shaved woman vid. With the woman doing the oral on him, I think I could make out her asking “where’s the rest of it?” Zach also doesn’t look like he’s aging very well. His vids lack that ‘it” factor unlike the Paul Cassidy vids, now those are vids that make the temps soar. Paul has “it” and so much more. Zac’s vids can best be described by 3 words, BORING, BORING, BORING!!!

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